Report of progress (Kansas State University. Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service); 1107; Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station contribution; no. 14-xxx-S; Drought; Water management; Pest management; Kansas; Turfgrass


Turfgrass Research 2014 contains results of projects conducted by K-State faculty and graduate students. Some of these results will be presented at the Kansas Turfgrass Field Day on August 7, 2014, at the Rocky Ford Turf Research Center in Manhattan. Articles included in this Report of Progress present summaries of research projects that were completed recently or will be completed in the next year or two. Notice that each article is now presented as an individual file. This allows you to go directly to articles you have interest in and allows us to link the articles in other media outlets we use, such as Twitter and weekly blogs.

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Additional Files

SRP1107A-Foreword-and-Personnel.pdf (447 kB)
SRP1107A Foreword

SRP1107B-Cody-Buffalograss-Herbicides.pdf (957 kB)
SRP1107B Cody Buffalograss Herbicides

SRP1107C-Kentucky-Bluegrass-Drydown.pdf (532 kB)
SRP1107C Kentucky Bluegrass Drydown

SRP1107D-Moss-Fertility.pdf (600 kB)
SRP1107D Moss Fertility

SRP1107E-Mowing-Requirements.pdf (316 kB)
SRP1107E Mowing Requirements

SRP1107F-Nitrate-Leaching.pdf (227 kB)
SRP1107F Nitrate Leaching

SRP1107G-NTEP-Zoysia-and-Bermuda.pdf (1627 kB)
SRP1107G NTEP Zoysia, Bermuda

SRP1107H-Rough-Bluegrass-Control.pdf (497 kB)
SRP1107H Rough Bluegrass Control

SRP1107I-Zoysia-Colorants.pdf (365 kB)
SRP1107I Zoysia Colorants

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