injectable trace mineral, sperm quality, yearling bulls


Proper trace mineral supplementation is necessary for reproductive development and function. Supplementation with various trace minerals has been shown to improve overall sperm quality and morphology and increase the percentage of live sperm. When developing beef bulls, it is necessary to meet trace mineral requirements to ensure proper reproductive success. An injectable trace mineral product has been made commercially available for use in cattle as a supplemental form of chelated selenium, copper, zinc, and manganese. Considering the role of trace minerals in bull reproductive function, we posed the question of whether using an injectable trace mineral product beyond dietary supplementation could improve sperm quality and percentage of bulls passing yearling breeding soundness exams. The objectives of our study were to compare serum trace mineral concentrations of bulls before and after administration of an injection of trace minerals or saline and to compare semen trace mineral concentrations after treatment. To determine if an injectable trace mineral product could be of benefit, we compared serum and semen trace mineral concentrations as well as semen quality and percentage passing a yearling breeding soundness examination in treated and untreated bulls.

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