weed science, weed control, fallow, tank mixes, herbicide, Sharpen, Zidua, Sencor, Banvel, atrazine, Balance Pro, Corvus


With the exception of the tank mix of Sharpen and Sencor, all other tank mixes that provided 100% kochia control 53 days after treatment (DAT) were three-way tank mixes of atrazine herbicide plus, Banvel, and Balance Pro or Zidua. Only two tank mixes provided 98% kochia control 143 DAT. These were also three-way tank mixes of these chemistries. Combinations of Balance Pro and Sencor were needed to provide greater than 93% control of Russian thistle 143 DAT. No tank mix provided good control of Palmer amaranth 143 DAT. However, tank mixes of Sharpen, Sencor, and Zidua provided 84% control 143 DAT. This might provide a foundation for a subsequent postemergence application in a two-pass weed control program.

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