weed science, weed control, rimsulfuron, thifensulfuron, Balance Flexx (isoxaflutole), Cinch (S-metolachlor), Cinch ATZ (Cinch+atrazine), Prowl H20 (microencapsulated pendimethalin), broadleaf and grass weed control in irrigated corn, glyphosate-resistant corn, shattercane, green foxtail, crabgrass, kochia, Palmer amaranth, Russian thistle, preemergence herbicide, postemergence herbicide


No treatment with less than 1.5 lb/a atrazine provided commercially acceptable Palmer amaranth control. The best level of Palmer amaranth control was produced by treatments that had good preemergence control augmented by a postemergence application with two or more modes of action that contained 0.5 lb/a atrazine. All treatments provided excellent kochia control. The best Russian thistle treatments provided from 77 to 88% control. The best foxtail or crabgrass treatments provided from 91 to 94% control. Combinations of preemergence treatments followed by a postemergence treatment achieved excellent shattercane control.

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