Fallow, weed control, preemergence applications, kochia, Russian thistle, spring-applied herbicides, Balance Pro, Isoxaflutole, Corvus, Thiencarbazone, Banvel, Dicamba, atrazine, Authority MTZ, Sulfentrazone, Metribuzin


Atrazine alone applied in the fall was less effective for kochia and Russian thistle control than other fall- or spring-applied herbicides in early summer. In mid season, control of kochia and Russian thistle was 85% or less with all fall-applied herbicides. Banvel (dicamba) increased kochia control when added to Balance Pro (isoxaflutole), plus Autumn Super (iodosulfuron + thiencarbazone), plus atrazine applied in the spring at mid season. All other spring herbicides were similar for kochia control. Russian thistle control was similar among all spring-applied herbicides except atrazine plus Banvel.

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