fallow, weed control, preemergence applications, kochia, Russian thistle, spring-applied herbicides, Clarity, Dicamba, Atrazine, Spartan Guard, Sulfentrazone, Pendimethalin, Sharpen, Saflufenicil, Zidua, Pyroxasulfone, Corvus, Isoxaflutole, Thiencarbazone


Kochia control at 8 weeks after spring application (WAST) was greatest when Clar­ity (dicamba) was included in the spring applications or when Corvus (isoxaflutole + thiencarbazone) was applied with atrazine and Clarity in the fall. The best kochia con­trol at 13 WAST occurred with spring applications containing Clarity. Only Clarity plus Atrazine, Sharpen, Zidua, Spartan Guard, or Corvus applied in the spring provided as much as 90% kochia control at 20 WAST. Only the spring application of Spartan Guard and Clarity controlled Russian thistle 90% at 20 WAST.

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