irrigated corn, weed control, Palmer amaranth, kochia, quinoa, Russian thistle, green foxtail, Callisto, Mesotrione, Accent, Nicosulfuron, Isoxadifen, Impact, Topramezone, Cinch, S-metolachlor, Dicamba, Atrazine


Some timings and combinations of the herbicides tested in this study controlled Palmer amaranth, kochia, quinoa, Russian thistle, and green foxtail from 95 to 100% 51 days after postemergence application (DA-B). Accent (nicosulfuron) plus Callisto (mesotri­one) and isoxadifen alone postemergence provided 88% Palmer amaranth control at 51 DA-B. Kochia control was 92 and 90% when Accent plus Callisto and isoxadifen alone or with atrazine and Dicamba XP (dicamba) was applied postemergence following Cinch (S-metolachlor) preemergence application. Crabgrass control with preemergence followed by postemergence treatments exceeded 89%. Crabgrass control was 83 and 88% when no preemergence herbicide was applied prior to postemergence herbicides. No herbicide treatment increased corn yield relative to the untreated controls.


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