weed control, postemergence applications, velvetleaf, buffalo bur, Palmer amaranth, puncturevine, green foxtail, Keystone NXT, Acetochlor, Atrazine, Hornet WDG, Flumetsulam, Clopyralid, SureStart II, Lumax EZ, Mesotrione, Resicore, aminopyralid, 2, 4-D


Control of buffalobur was complete regardless of herbicide used. Velvetleaf and punc­turevine control, although not perfect, was excellent by all herbicides. The premix of SureStart II (acetochlor + flumetsulam + clopyralid) with atrazine and Durango DMA (glyphosate) applied early postemergence and the preemergence herbicides Resicore (acetochlor + mesotrione + clopyralid) with atrazine and Lumax EZ (S-metolachlor + atrazine + mesotrione) provided excellent Palmer amaranth control. The early pos­temergence treatment of SureStart II plus atrazine and Durango DMA was the only treatment to provide excellent control of green foxtail.

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