irrigated corn, Corvus, isoxaflutole + thiencarbazone, Starane, fluroxypyr, Diflexx, Dicamba, Halex GT, Mesotrione, Glyphosate, S-metolchlor, kochia, quinoa, Russian thistle, Palmer amaranth, crabgrass


Control of kochia and quinoa was 98 to 100% regardless of herbicide treatment at 48 days after post applications (DAPT), and 95% or more with all herbicides for Russian thistle. Palmer amaranth control was slightly less with preemergent (PRE) treatments alone compared to sequential treatments. Corvus (isoxaflutole + thiencarbazone) plus atrazine, Starane Ultra (fluroxypyr), and nonionic surfactant preemergence controlled crabgrass by 88%; whereas all other treatments provided 91% or more crabgrass control. Corn with the best herbicide treatments yielded 33 to 66 bu/a more than untreated corn.

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