beef, marbling texture, muscle fiber, quality grade


Objective: Determine the effects of marbling texture and meat quality on muscle fiber type and size.

Study Description: Top Choice, Low Choice, and Select beef strip loins (n = 117; 39/grade) were visually categorized into fine, medium, or coarse marbling textures. The strip loins were fabricated into 1-inch steaks. The second steak was used for histology analysis. From each steak four marbling flecks and their surrounding tissue were collected. For each marbling fleck, 1 cryosection was collected for immunohistochemical analysis to determine muscle fiber characteristics.

The Bottom Line: These results reveal marbling texture did not impact muscle fiber cross-sectional area. Any potential difference in tenderness with varying marbling texture is not due to muscle fiber cross-sectional area or fiber type.

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