Volume 4, Issue 3 (2018) Southeast Agricultural Research Center Reports

Research Reports

Beef Cattle Management


Including Legumes in Bermudagrass Pastures
J. L. Moyer and L. W. Lomas

Cropping and Tillage Systems


2017 Kansas Summer Annual Forage Hay and Silage Variety Trial
J. D. Holman, A. Obour, A. Esser, J. Lingenfelser, S. Maxwell, T. Roberts, and G. F. Sassenrath

Cropping Systems Research


Crop Production Summary, Southeast Kansas – 2017
G. F. Sassenrath, L. Mengarelli, J. Lingenfelser, X. Lin, and D. E. Shoup


Electrical Resistivity Tomography of Claypan Soils in Southeastern Kansas
M. A. Mathis II, S. E. Tucker-Kulesza, and G. F. Sassenrath


Soil Health Profile in Claypan Soils
C. J. Hsiao, G. F. Sassenrath, C. Rice, G. Hettiarachchi, and L. Zeglin


Growth, Forage Quality, and Economics of Cover Crop Mixes for Grazing
J. K. Farney, G. F. Sassenrath, C. Davis, and DeAnn Presley

Forage Crops

Southeast Research and Extension Center: Soil and Water Management


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