Single application, sequential applications


Kochia, Russian thistle, and quinoa control was excellent regardless of treatment or rating date. Sunflower control at 10 DAPT was very good when Anthem Maxx (pyroxasulfone + fluthiacet) + Solstice (fluthiacet + mesotrione) + atrazine and glyphosate were applied EPOST, while green foxtail control was 94% with the same treatment at 68 DAPT. Palmer amaranth and green foxtail control at 68 DAPT was 93 and 91%, respectively, when SureStart II (acetochlor + flumetsulam + clopyralid) + atrazine and glyphosate were applied PRE followed by glyphosate POST. All herbicide-treated corn yielded 34 to 69 bu/a more grain than the untreated control. Yields among herbicide-treated corn were lowest when no EPOST or POST application was included.

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