Sequential applications


Control of common sunflower, quinoa, green foxtail, and kochia was excellent regardless of herbicide treatment or evaluation date. Palmer amaranth and crabgrass control was 95% or more regardless of herbicide treatment at 7 days after postemergence application (DAPT). Postemergence applications of Liberty (glufosinate) at any rate alone controlled Palmer amaranth greater than 85% 72 DAPT, whereas tank mixing any herbicide with Liberty increased control 7 to 15%. Crabgrass control was greater than 89% at 72 DAPT with all treatments except when Liberty at 22 oz/a was applied with Diflexx (dicamba). Corn yields did not differ among herbicide-treated plots, but all herbicide treatments increased yield 118 to 149 bu/a relative to the untreated controls.

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