no-till, organic fertilizer, mineral fertilizer


The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of different tillage systems and nitrogen (N) fertilizers on corn yield. Higher corn yields (207 bu/a and 203 bu/a) were found under no-tillage + high (150 lb N/a) manure application, and tillage + super high manure (750 lb N/a), respectively. The trend observed for the different nitrogen fertilizers between tillage systems was the same. However, a greater corn yield was observed under no-till in comparison to tilled conditions for both high fertilizer and high manure. No-till improves soil water infiltration, aggregation, nutrient cycling, and may increase crop yield. On other hand, soil erosion, runoff, and a depreciated plant stand may have been the reasons for lower yields under tillage for some of the treatments. Overall, the addition of organic fertilizer associated with no-till was a better practice for increasing corn yield compared to the use of mineral fertilizer associated with or with­out tillage.

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