About This Journal

Focus and Scope

The International Journal of School Social Work (IJSSW) accepts and reviews electronic manuscript submissions in English for bi-annual publication. Manuscripts submitted could include original research (qualitative and quantitative), systematic literature reviews, analyses of country specific descriptions of school social work practices, practice highlights, research briefs, book reviews, and student submissions. The review process is estimated to take three months, but may occasionally take longer. Copyright of published articles will be outlined in an agreement with the author to assign rights for the first publication to the IJSSW.

Once accepted, articles will be published in English. The Journal website will provide access to free translation software. The Journal is in the process of appointing advisory board members and consulting editors that are international peers in academics and school social work that will review all submissions, and approve, recommend revisions or reject manuscripts for publication. The goal is to achieve published papers that:

  • relate to the field of School Social Work,
  • represent a variety of international work,
  • represent previously unpublished work,
  • add to the knowledge base of the School Social Work profession,
  • comply to a high standard of international academic scholarship,
  • contain appropriate supporting documentation,
  • include logical formatting and organization,
  • and, follow American Psychological Association (APA) format (assistance with formatting available).

Research Submissions: In the event human subjects were used in original research, a copy of the approval statement from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or another governing ethics/human rights review body must accompany the manuscript to be considered for review and or publication.

The International Journal of School Social Work editorial staff reserves the right to reject any manuscript submission. This includes manuscripts with text, tables, figures or art copied from other sources in whole or part without written permission from the original author. Manuscripts that have been previously published may NOT be submitted.

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