Open Access Scholarly Journal Collection

Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication

The Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication (ISSN: 1944-3676) includes scholarly papers for students and researchers in the field of philosophy as well as in connected disciplines such a psychology, computer sciences and linguistics. Topics explored include formal logic and epistemology, computer sciences, mathematics and AI-research, the relationship between philosophy (in general) and psychology, linguistics, the philosophy of cognitive and information processing systems as well as the history and development of these disciplines.

Crossing Borders: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship

Crossing Borders: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship (ISSN 2373-0978) seeks to encourage research among undergraduate students at Kansas State University and elsewhere. Crossing Borders introduces undergraduates to the processes and values of open-access, peer-reviewed communication, thereby preparing them to be more critical consumers and producers of scholarly discourse.

Educational Considerations

Educational Considerations (ISSN 2573-7686) is a leading peer-reviewed journal featuring outstanding themes and authors relating to education. Since 1973, it has been published and funded by the College of Education at Kansas State University,

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Environmental & Architectural Phenomenology

Environmental & Architectural Phenomenology (ISSN 1083-9194) published two times a year, is a forum and clearing house for research and design that incorporate a qualitative approach to environmental and architectural experience and meaning.

Fungal Genetics Reports

Fungal Genetics Reports (FGR) is published as an online resource by the Fungal Genetics Stock Center.

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GDR Bulletin

GDR Bulletin (ISSN 2159-5941) features articles and reviews on the literature and culture of the German Democratic Republic. It was published from 1975 - 1999.

Health Behavior Research

The aim of Health Behavior Research (HBR) is to advance the science of health behavior research. Particular emphasis is placed on papers that address new and emerging concepts and theory used in health behavior research, conceptual frameworks, methods, and analyses.

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International Journal of School Social Work

The International Journal of School Social Work (ISSN 2161-4148) purpose is to promote school social work research and practice throughout the world. The importance of evidence-based practice has been magnified by the increasing demand to demonstrate student outcomes. This journal will allow school social workers from around the world wider access to current research.

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Journal of Applied Communications

The Journal of Applied Communications (ISSN 2476-1362) is a quarterly, refereed journal focusing on issues and topics relevant to agricultural and applied life sciences communication professionals.

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Journal of Financial Therapy

The Journal of Financial Therapy (ISSN 1944-9771) primarily publishes clinical, experimental, and survey research that examines the empirical link between personal financial knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors and personal and family well-being. The journal also accepts cross-sectional survey research, longitudinal and panel study research, case studies, financial therapy practice management tutorials, and literature reviews. Articles from financial therapists, both those working in academia and in practice, are welcomed. The journal is indexed in Scopus, PsychInfo, and Cabels, and can be found in Google Scholar and DOAJ.

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Journal of Hazardous Substance Research

The Journal of Hazardous Substance Research (ISSN: 1090-7025) was published by the Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Hazardous Substance Research Center from 1998 - 2007. It features peer-reviewed articles that deal with all aspects of hazardous substance research.

Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education

The Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education is the official refereed publication of the Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education (AIAEE). Its purpose is to enhance the research and knowledge base of agricultural and extension education from an international perspective.

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Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station Research Reports

Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station faculty members conduct research in nearly all areas of agricultural production. This online collection, Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station Research Reports (ISSN 2378-5977), publishes preliminary results of research conducted at centers around the state in beef and dairy cattle, swine, meat science, plant pathology, sorghum and wheat breeding, cropping systems, irrigation engineering, cover crops, weed science, entomology, range management, turfgrass, and other areas.

Kansas State University Libraries

Kansas State University Libraries (ISSN 2475-9007) provides an inside look at library successes, stories, and collections, and K-State Keepsakes, featuring stories on the history of the university and images and objects from the university archives.

Networks: An Online Journal for Teacher Research

Networks: An Online Journal for Teacher Research (ISSN 2470-6353) offers a place for sharing reports of action research, in which teachers at all levels, kindergarten to postgraduate, are reflecting on classroom practice through research ventures. It also provides space for discussion of other ways in which educational practitioners, alone or in collaboration, use inquiry as a tool to learn more about their work with the hope of eventually improving its effectiveness.

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Online Journal of Rural Research & Policy

The Online Journal of Rural Research & Policy publishes academic and community-based research, commentary, and policy articles focused on the Great Plains in a way that is of interest to both academic and community audiences. The goal is not only to present theory, but to stimulate discussion, encourage more research on rural issues, and improve access to information that promotes decision-making that enhances rural people and places.

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The Journal Oz (ISSN 2378-5853) is the student-edited journal of the Kansas State University College of Architecture, Planning, and Design that is dedicated to the exploration of ideas in design through the publication of diverse responses to theoretical issues. It explores ideas through publication of diverse responses to important issues related to the college's four professional programs: architecture, landscape architecture, planning, and interior architecture/product design.

Pedagogy & (Im)Possibilities across Education Research (PIPER)

Pedagogy & (Im)Possibilities across Education Research (PIPER), is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal of educational studies. PIPER offers a space to consider rethinking and reworking current issues in education research, inviting especially the most unexplored and uncertain framings that result from the cultural, economic, historical, political, and social factors of education.

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Prairie Journal of Educational Research

The Prairie Journal of Educational Research (ISSN 2373-0994) is a journal created by and for Kansas State University’s College of Education students. Designed specifically for Kansas State University College of Education students, PJER provides a platform for student publication and an opportunity to learn about the world of academic publishing.


Seek is Kansas State University’s flagship magazine, showcasing the wide range of research that is conducted by the university. The magazine explores all facets of the university’s programs as we seek to become a Top 50 public research university by 2025. It profiles faculty, undergraduate and graduate researchers and scholars, explores university initiatives and partnerships, and features the research, scholarly and creative activities, and discovery strengths of K-State.

Studies in 20th & 21st Century Literature

Studies in 20th & 21st Century Literature (ISSN 2334-4415) is committed to publishing high quality, anonymously peer reviewed articles written in English on post-1900 literature, film, and media in French, German, and Spanish. The journal is devoted to literary theory and criticism in the modern languages, and encourages interdisciplinary and collaborative submissions. A book review section appears in every issue. STTCL was founded in 1976 by Kansas State University Modern Languages faculty, and transitioned to an online, open access format in 2014 with the support of New Prairie Press, an academic press housed at Kansas State University Libraries.

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The Advocate

The Advocate is a peer-reviewed journal disseminating current research, policies and practices used to prepare PK-12 teachers.

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Transactions of the Burgon Society

Transactions of the Burgon Society, the annual journal of the Society, publishes original research in the history, design, and practice of academic dress. The Burgon Society welcomes submissions in one of these three fields. ISSN 2475-7799.

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Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences

The Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences (URJHS) is a peer reviewed publication of Kappa Omicron Nu (KON) Honor Society for the Human Sciences.

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What kind of journals are published in New Prairie Press?
The Kansas State University Libraries hosts and publishes peer-reviewed, fully open access journals. Our support focuses on projects with direct links to Kansas State University through its faculty, students, programs, centers, or institutes. As a service to the research community, the Libraries' commitment to true open access to scholarly information extends to authors. This means that there are no article or submission charges for journals hosted or published in New Prairie Press.

Do I have to be a faculty or staff member at KSU to host a journal on New Prairie Press?
Yes. There must be a current faculty or staff member making the application for the journal and serving on the editorial or advisory board. If the faculty member retires or relocates, the journal may stay on New Prairie Press for continuity.

What does it mean to publish an open access journal?
Readers with access to the Internet can access your content at no cost to themselves or to their institutions. Publishing a peer-reviewed open access journal broadens your reader base by expanding access to a global community of subscribers. It allows researchers from any organization to participate in scholarly activities without barriers.

How will people find your journal?
New Prairie Press is on the bepress Digital Commons platform ( and is optimized to provide higher results through search engines. Once your journal has a publication track record and meets the standards to qualify for inclusion in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), the staff at the Libraries' Center for the Advancement of Digital Scholarship (CADS) will complete the application to have your journal listed. CADS' staff will load content for each article to ensure that the journal is fully indexed.

In addition, the DOIs for journal articles will be assigned through CrossRef with our Digital Commons services. CrossRef is a citation-linking network and the official DOI link registration agency for scholarly and professional publications.

What are the fees associated with publishing a journal with New Prairie Press?
The initial set-up and design fee, along with support and maintenance, is provided by New Praire Press through support from K-State Libraries. There are no author or editor fees.

However, the Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties does include a clause that states that the journal publisher(s) agree to compensate the Libraries for site design costs up to, but not exceeding, $500 if the journal is not launched within 18 months of the site’s completion.

What services does the library provide?
As stated in the Memorandum of Understanding:

  • We will make the contents of the e-journal available free of charge via the internet or any subsequent technology
  • We will provide password access to the bepress Digital Commons system, which is the platform on which New Prairie Press resides, to allow the editors to manage the editorial process and e-journal content.
  • We will strive, in the absence of unforeseen technical difficulties and routine maintenance, to provide 24/7 access to the e-journal and its contents
  • We will assign DOIs to e-journal content and register it with CrossRef
  • We will digitally archive all e-journal content produced under this agreement
  • We will assign a CADS' staff member to serve as the production editor to assist the editors with operational requirements, such as training and troubleshooting.

Does the library provide layout or copyediting services?
Unfortunately, due to staffing restrictions, we cannot provide custom layout services for journals. The New Prairie Press generates PDF-formatted content that comports with a standard template. Copyediting is the sole responsibility of the journal editors.

Will the library get copyright permissions for images and other material that authors include in their articles?
No, authors must obtain those permissions themselves. However, if they need guidance from the library, we are happy to answer any questions that we can.

Who retains rights to the journal content?
We encourage editors to allow authors to use a Creative Commons License, specifically a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. This allows anyone to reproduce or disseminate articles for non-commercial purposes, so long as the original authors and source are cited. After publication, authors have the right to post pre-print or post-print versions of their article online, including on their personal, departmental, or institutional repository pages.

Is the journal content backed up anywhere? Kansas State University Libraries retains a backup copy of the journal content, and because the New Prairie Press journals reside on the bepress Digital Commons platform, bepress duplicates and backs up the content both on and offsite from their side. Once the journal has begun publishing in earnest, we work with LOCKSS and Portico to have your content archived.

What if I want print copies of my journal?
New Prairie Press does not provide printing or mailing services. We suggest that you use a Print on Demand service for these materials. Rather than estimating how many copies of a particular item should be printed in a print run, a journal issue/book/proceeding/etc. is only printed upon request. This method eliminates problems including the burden of paying for unsold inventory or printing too few items.

Print on Demand takes the guesswork out of printing. You simply prepare a single file (usually PDF), submit it to the Print on Demand publisher, and it is stored until an issue is ordered by a customer. It is only at this point that ink touches paper. Email us at for more information.

What do you need to do to start the process?
Please contact us a with any questions or to discuss your journal. Any additional information you might provide concerning the journal’s editorial policies, submission guidelines, style guides, and any other information that would describe the project would be helpful in the evaluation of the project idea. If the journal seems to be a good fit for New Prairie Press, the editors and New Prairie Press will sign a formal Memorandum of Understanding, which outlines the expectations for both parties.