heat, estradiol, progesterone


This report summarizes the use of various hormones in an attempt to induce greater estrus expression of lactating dairy cows. Average detection of estrus (< 50%) in most U.S. dairy herds has been identified as a problem limiting reproductive efficiency. Detection of estrus plays an important role in reproductive management in U.S. dairy herds despite the adoption of fixed-time artificial insemination programs. When estrus was detected by an activity monitoring system or a rump-mounted device, supplementing cows with progesterone before induction of luteolysis resulted in greater intensity of estrus when compared with controls. In addition, administering estradiol cypionate at 24 h after induced luteolysis resulted in greater frequency of estrus expression compared with cows treated with testosterone propionate or controls when assessed by an activity monitor. Activity monitoring systems achieved heat-detection rates of approximately 70% (80% with estradiol) and are likely cost effective for herds achieving less than that level of heat detection.

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