consumer, ground beef, ground beef alternatives


Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate consumer preferences for palatability traits and consumer acceptability of three plant-based protein alternatives and ground beef in a taco application.

Study Description: Three commercially available plant-based ground beef alternative (GBA) treatments (n = 20) were selected based upon industry prevalence. The GBAs’ were identified as the most popular in the marketing sectors of foodservice (FGBA), retail (RGBA), and traditional (TGBA). One ground beef (80% lean; 20% fat) treatment (n = 20) was selected. Samples were crumbled into a skillet and cooked to a surface temperature of 180°F. Following cooking, a generic taco seasoning was added following manufacturer’s instruction. Samples were served on a flour tortilla with the opportunity to add cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.

The Bottom Line: This research indicates consumers preferred ground beef to ground beef alternatives when used as a crumbled protein ingredient in tacos. Ground beef should be marketed as a distinct eating experience to consumers at foodservice and retail when plant-based ground beef alternatives are available in similar crumbled products.

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