almond hulls, growing cattle, limit-feeding


Objective: The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the effects of almond hull inclusion and almond hull processing on growth performance of limit-fed growing beef cattle during a 56-day growing period.

Study Description: A total of 364 steers were assigned to one of four diets. The control diet contained (dry matter basis) 39.5% dry-rolled corn, 7.5% supplement, 40% wet-corn gluten feed, and 13% prairie hay. Almond hulls replaced prairie hay or prairie hay and dry-rolled corn and were fed at 13 and 26% of the diet, respectively. A subset of almond hulls was processed using a grinder mixer with no screen. Processed almond hulls replaced prairie hay and were fed at 13% of the diet. Diets were limit-fed for 56 days.

The Bottom Line: These data were interpreted to suggest almond hulls can be utilized as an alternative to prairie hay in limit-fed growing beef cattle diets while maintaining or slightly improving growth performance.

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